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For a long time, I have been using “Keywords Everywhere” Unfortunately, it became a paid toolbar from 1 October 2012. I felt like you guys did after the first of October. So I have filtered some keyword choices for your convenience everywhere. Which alternative I’ve shared is the top 5 SEO friendly Content Optimizer & Keyword Tool. I hope you’re interested in reading about it. So if you’re interested, read this article until the end.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Alternative Top 5 SEO Content Optimizer & Keyword Tool

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of the best keyword devices that I have been using today. That’s why it’s totally free. It’s not even important to sign up. Type any keyword, select the region you want, and you’ll go there. You have Size, CPC (cost per click), Patterns, Keywords, Definitions, Content Ideas and many other awesome tools to help you get UberGestGuest to generate keyword suggestions for your plan and development of content ads. UberGest 2.0 uses free keywords, creates an infinite number of free tips. And brings your content production to the next level. While improving the site’s competitive ranking potential.

2. WonderSearch

It’s like an independent freelancer who works for free but doesn’t offer a reward. The reason why I put it in the 2nd is that it’s safe. This will give you the volume and CPC of the keywords you’ve been looking for. Wonder Search is a free keyword application that uses Google’s information relationships automatically to find meaningful keywords (asking people, searching people, and related searches). Similar keywords, however, SEO Content Optimizer are seldom important. It is very easy to use and does not allow an account to be established or logged in. Disclaimer !! Do not waste your reading time, as these are tools for learning

3. Content Optimizer & Keyword Tool

Let’s get the best possible rating based on content and become a professional expert. Relevance and optimization. There should be two important features for each content. And we’ll tell you exactly how to do that. Keyword Tools and Content Assistant is not only a tool but one in three tools. Integrating such powerful features: keyword testing, rating analysis, content optimization. The Keyword Research tool will help you identify new opportunities for ranking and suggest suggestions for thousands of keywords and topics. Ranking analytics will give you insight into the top-ranked pages of Google. Not only from a content point of view but also why sites are ranking there.

4. Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Planner Keyword Expert and other Keyword Research tools Keyword perform 99.99% of the time. Unlike good Keyword Planners or other tools, it is highly confident. For each search term, the free version of the keyword tools produces long-term, 750 + keywords. By creating an account, you can use the Keyword Tool for free. The keyword testing and evaluation method have grown as an SEO. During these days, you just rely on Google’s keyword planner to build keyword lists, text queries, cookies, and long-tail searches… SEO is increasingly sophisticated, so that keyword analysis is also important. While Google’s Keyword Planner remains a useful tool, many other free apps may describe the nature of consumer searches.

5. Google Keyword Planner

How can you turn this great idea into a large blog post (which is easily found by people)? See what keywords are most popular. Google’s Keyword Planner allows you to enter the search and visibility data and similar national keywords listing of keywords and Google search data that gives you insights for Keyword Planner within the generic AdWords product and publicity platform. The SEO and pay-per-click ads have proven to be effective and help you to search and view keyword lists this is a Free SEO web Tool. Request rates are calculated quarterly and you deal with PPC ads and determine the costs per tap. Most of this applies to PPC, as you can say. A word, a page or a search category can be evaluated by the search volume(SEO) in which we are interested. You can access both the search queries and the number of alternative words in one sentence. This is useful for active keyword work as a list of terms is available.

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